Portraiture without Pretension


Portraiture without Pretension
Snowdon, ‘Anthony Blunt, London', 1963
Portraiture without Pretension

Over a long career, Anthony Armstrong-Jones, known as Snowdon, produced a remarkable archive of images, mastering several genres of photography in the process. He produced portraits of such figures as Lucian Freud, Anthony Blunt (seen here) and Princess Diana, for which he has now become best known.

Snowdon is famous for his charm, but a portrait sitting with him is not always a comfortable experience. He is unimpressed by pretension or self-importrance, and he will prick the egos of his sitters in order to reveal something of the true person underneath. In addition he sometimes insists that his sitters wear one of his blue denim shirts, thereby immediately putting them on the same level and removing any airs of rank or power.

He was honoured for his portraiture in 2004, with a retrospective exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

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