The Sky-Scapes of Susan Derges


The Sky-Scapes of Susan Derges
Susan Derges, 'Full Moon', 2006
The Sky-Scapes of Susan Derges

Born in London in 1955, Susan Derges has become recognised for her camera-less photographs and darkroom experimentation. Her work aims to explore the connection between the observer and the observed. Frustrated by the inevitable separation of photographer and subject by the camera, she removes it to achieve a more physical connection with her subject matter. Her large, narrow prints invite the viewer to do the same.

To capture her famous sky-scapes, Derges takes photographs of the sky using positive (slide) film, which she then projects onto light sensitive Ilfochrome paper whilst it is submerged in a bath of water in her darkroom. Using the light from the projector, Derges creates photograms on top of the projected sky by placing foliage into the bath along with the paper and exposing the resulting shapes directly onto its surface.

Widely exhibited in both gallery and museum collections, Derges has been recently made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and she received the British Arts Council Award in 2010.

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